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Dog Collars

Quality Australian made dog collars to suit even the biggest of dogs with a 6 month money back guarantee on breakages. We have a vast variety of colours and styles to choose from and we also do custom requests.


Standard Clip Collar

Our standard clip collar range features a lockable buckle to ensure you dog stays safely in your control. These are recommended for dogs who walk well on the lead and for general use.


Martingale Collar

Our martingale style collars are made with a metal chain loop designed to apple gentle pressure to assist with training and obedience. These are recommended for dogs who require the next level of training assistance.


Halter Collar

Halter style collars are a training tool that offers the highest level of control of your dog. The strap over the nose prevents the dog from using their bodies strength to pull against you. They also allow the owner to easily redirect the dogs gaze which is helpful for reactive dogs.

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