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At Pawfect Pet Creations, we have a wide variety of leads, collars including martingale and all the accessories for your dog to be  happy, healthy and safe. Just enter our website and you’ll enter a true pet lover's paradise. Shop today and your furbaby will thank you!



Australia Day Bandanas are now available

Our Selection of Pet Pawducts

We like to think we have the best selection of pet accessories available anywhere. The pet care industry is constantly evolving, and we’ve kept up with all of the latest developments in our effort to offer you the best selection at the best prices.


Standard Dog Collars

From $19.95

Martingale Dog Collars

From $22.95

Dog Leads

From $19.95

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Car Restraints


Poop Bag Holder




Our Family

Pawfect Pet Creations was started in 2019 by Shelly in her craft room while on a mission to find a colorful collar that was strong enough to handle Jackson's delicate 65kg of soberness. After lengthy trails and a lot of walkies with various pups, she was able to create some designs that not only look amazing but are strong enough to take on a 100kg doggo! Only the strongest industrial strength materials and nylon thread are used to ensure your doggo will always be safely by your side. 

Unfortunatly Jackson passed away in October 2020, but now we have the most adorable twin cleft puppies Elanor and Lorenzo (Elly and Enzo) who are very happy to be the new Cane Corso models for our brand.



Elly and Enzo

Aug 2020

Elly and Enzo

Aug 2020


Our Family!

"Woof woof, bork woof bark bark.
"Mom says I am cutest in Pink and me nose it!"

Hannah - Amstaff - Bestest Girl

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself”

Josh Billings

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