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A fully adjustable no-pull dog harness is designed to provide comfort and control while preventing dogs from pulling during walks. All our harnesses are hand made in Perth from steel hatdware and quadruple stitching which makes them have a 150kg break point. We are proud to be one of Australia's strongest dog product suppliers and stand by our 6 month warranty on hardware and stitching for piece of mind. Here's a detailed description of how to use the no pull harness:

1. Slip-over-the-head

The harness is designed to be easily slipped over the dog's head, making it convenient to put on and take off.

2. Lockable Buckle

It features lockable buckles that secures the harness around the dog's body. This buckle ensures a snug fit and adds an extra layer of safety.

3. Martingale-Style Front

At the front, there's a martingale-style attachment point where the leash can be clipped. This design helps in discouraging pulling by gently redirecting the dog's forward motion back towards you.

A fully adjustable no-pull harness with these features provides both comfort and control, making walks enjoyable for you and your dog while discouraging pulling behavior. Please see the photos for measurements and if in doubt please contact us for help via email.

Size: Fits chest:

XSmall 35cm - 55cm

Small 50cm - 70cm

Medium 68cm - 85cm

Large 82cm - 100cm

XLarge 95cm - 115cm

Fluoro Green No-Pull Harness

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