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Approximate Size:

12cm x 17cm


These decals are weather and waterproof which makes it suitable for a variaty of applications for indoor and outdoor use such as car winder, front door, internal wall and home windows.

The stickers consist of three layers, the top layers is called application tape, it allows you to transfer the sticker to the surface you want to stick it to. The next layer is the sticker itself. As you can see in the diagram the sticker consists only of the logo itself, there is no background or clear area around it. The bottom layer is the backing paper, the adhesive underside of the sticker rests on this.

When you get the sticker its color is masked somewhat by the application tape on top of it, but don't worry, it will look fine once the application tape is removed.

The stickers come with comprehensive instructions, but application is quite simple. It is simply a matter of peeling off the backing paper and then sticking the application tape and the sticker where you want to apply it. When you remove the application tape only the sticker will remain.

Rescue Dog Mum Sticker

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